European Girls Team Championship

Venue: Linköpings GK, par 72, Dates: 09-13 July 2013.
Format: Team Competion. Two qualification rounds day 1 and 2 (5 of 6 scores are counted each day). Match play day 3 to 5 in three flights.

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Match Play Game Plan - Day 5

Temperature: 24-26 °C
Wind: 2-5 m/s


Matches Flight A; Teams playing for pos 1 to 8
Match A9       1st = Winner match A9

        2nd = Looser match A9

Match A10       3rd = Winner match A10

        4th = Looser match A10

Match A11       5th = Winner match A11

        6th = Looser match A11

Match A12       7th = Winner match A12

        8th = Looser match A12


Matches Flight B; Teams playing for pos 9 to 16
Match B9       9th = Winner match B9

        10th = Looser match B9

Match B10       11th = Winner match B10

        12th = Looser match B10

Match B11       13th = Winner match B11

        14th = Looser match B11

Match B12       15th = Winner match B12

        16th = Looser match B12 (C) 2020 Golfdata AB  

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